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Newsletter 9/27/2023


¨ September 28th

Volleyball Practice:

3:15 – 5:00

Soccer Game at Arlington – 4:15

¨ September 29th

Parent Drive Day –

No bussing

¨ October 1st

Singing at Immanuel Lutheran Church, please be there by 9:45

¨ October 3rd

Volleyball Game at Redwood Falls: 4:30

Soccer Game at St. Peter: 4:30


Our first drive day is this Friday, September 29th. There will be no bussing this day so please plan accordingly.

If Latchkey is needed (before/after school care) please let Miss Brittany know as soon as possible,

**LUNCH will still be provided this day; we will have sandwiches. **


Flyers have been sent home. You can order using the order form on the flyer or online at

Order Due Date: 10/11/23


Our first Sunday to sing in church is this Sunday, October 1st at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Please have your child/ren to the church basement by 9:45. Church starts at 10:00, you may leave following the song if needed.

If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.


Our first 10:00 start and drive morning is next Wednesday, Oct. 4th.

The public school has a two-hour late start, but we only do a 1-hour late start (otherwise we can't get much done in the day) and therefore you will not be able to use the bus in the morning. Afternoon buses will run as normal.

SNACK: since this is a late start we do not provide or eat snack at school. Lunch will be provided as usual.

PRESCHOOL: this is a full day option only.

If Latchkey is needed (before school care) please let me know as soon as possible.

FIELD TRIP: PreK – 8th Grade

On Thursday, October 12th all grades will be visiting the Fall Harvest Orchard in Montrose. We will be taking a bus + drivers, leaving just after 11:00 and returning before 3:00.

**Please also pack a cold lunch for your child this day. **

Permission slips will be sent home this week. Please return those with the $10 admission fee as soon as possible.

PRESCHOOL: Miss Lokensgard

Our fun week started out as we learned about Hutchinson MN. We talked about all the different jobs people have. It got us thinking about what we would like to do when we grow up.

On Tuesday Miss April's daughter Paisley came into our classroom. Paisley is a part of the Hutchinson FFA and will be joining us throughout the year. This week she brought her bunny. We learned what the bunny likes to eat and where it sleeps. All the kids loved the bunny. We cannot wait for Paisley to visit again.

On Wednesday a big red firetruck came to our school. Delilah's dad is a fireman and showed us all the buttons and switches on the firetruck and what it's like to be a fireman.

It is also a review week. We are talking about letters and shapes that we have already learned earlier this month. At our activity center this week we practiced our patterned skills and picked up pom poms with tongs. We have also been practicing identifying our name and writing it.

Our bible focus this week is Noah and the big boat. Our memory treasure is “I trust in you, O Lord” Psalm 31:14.

Every morning we make our way over to church to practice our church song with the big kids. We are so excited to sing this song for the Lord on Sunday at Immanuel Lutheran church at 10 am. Please let me know if you can make it.

K-1st: Mrs. Eckstrand

This week our Bible lesson is "God keeps his promises to Abraham”. We learned that God Promised Abraham as many descendants as the stars, and that he would have a baby even though they were very old. God kept his promise to Abraham and Sarah by giving them a baby boy named Isaac. Our Memory treasure is Hebrews 10:23b ..."for He who promised is faithful”. God ALWAYS keeps his promises, we do not need to worry.

Math: Kindergarten is writing and counting 1-10. We're making sure everything is neat and they remember quickly how to form the numbers. It's becoming automatic. 1st grade has started Module 2 on Subtraction. We're working on taking away and not putting together.

Reading: Kindergarten continues to play games with Oswald and are not comparing O and C sounds at the beginning. They will also be combining the 2 sounds together. 1st grade is reading more sentences as the activities move from sight words to CVC words. Their new spelling list came home, tests will be Wednesday. I will try to keep that consistent schedule. This may mean they are working on words differently than their word workbook.

In Social studies, we are learning about rules and laws. Why do we need them and who makes them?

In science we are looking at the scientific process. How do we figure out different questions that we want answered?

We got to explore the fire and ambulance trucks and crews today, how exciting!

2-4th: Mrs. Ungemach

This week in Word of God, we see how God preserves the line of the Savior, despite the sins of Isaac and his wife, Rebekah, and their sons Jacob and Esau. God will continue to be with Jacob through struggles with his uncle Laban.

In math, 2nd graders had their first test, and they did very well with reading directions and remembering what they learned in class! They will start to learn how to conduct surveys and interpret charts. Language Arts this week is a challenge, but they are hanging in there. We are learning about the rules of when to use "le" in words like "struggle", "candle", and "pickle". We will also start reading short chapter books in groups.

3rd grade is processing and practicing the many different strategies to use in multiplication to make it easier and quicker.

4th grade is doing multiplication word problems and brainstorming how to represent it with pictures.

3 and 4 continue to study comprehension strategies, using their chapter book, "How to Eat Fried Worms". We are spending the whole week on Summarizing, and they will eventually have a final draft of their own summary of the book so far.

In Science, we are stepping into a new unit, Earth Science. We will make models of the Earth's layers and explore what rocks and minerals are like with real samples.

In Art, we will start a group project that will help us to learn about the Church Year! We will read a book about the seasons of the church year, and each group will be assigned a season - Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, or End Times (Pentecost is up right now; I did it as an example and that's the one we are currently in). They will plan out how to represent that season of the church year using some form of art. The various projects will be displayed on our "Church Year" bulletin board as each season comes up.

5-8th: Mr. Holz

Hello Parents, Family and Friends

In Math, 5th Graders are moving into Chapter 2 where they will be working with more complex multiplication problems. 6th Graders are starting work with basic algebraic expressions. 7th Graders have taken their first test and will be starting Chapter 2. 8th Graders have just taken their first test.

In Geography we are working on the United States which will eventually culminate in a map test of all 50 states. This week we will be covering the Midwest.

In Music we will be reviewing the basics and starting work on some of the songs that we will sing throughout the year.

In Science we will work on a tree identification unit. The students will use leaves and bark to identify the trees found around the school and church. The students have used a dichotomous key to identify their fellow students and will now use them to identify trees. The students have finished identifying eight trees and we will be finishing the unit.

In Grammar we are continuing to work on prepositions and are now moving into verb phrases.

In Writing we are working on writing an autobiography. The writing also contains a version of two truths and a lie. The students have to add a part to their story that did not happen. This is to challenge them to use their writing skills to hide this part so I am unable to guess which part is not true.

In Reading we have selected two novels that we will work on. 5-6th Grade will be reading “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen. So far, they have read through Chapter 4 and are working on their reading packets. 7-8th will be reading “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. This week they are reading through the 3rd Chapter.

T he Spelling books have all arrived so the students are working through the first section of their books.

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