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Newsletter 5-4-2022

PTF Meeting

Our PTF meeting is next Monday, May 9th at 6:30 – all are welcome to attend!

4-8th Grade Track Meet

Track meet is next week Friday, May 13th at the Sleepy Eye High School. Please be to school at 7:50 so we can leave by 8:00 and be to the meet by 9:00. We will need 5-6 drivers to take kids to and from – please let Brittany Clark or Mr. Gephart know if you are available to chauffer.

Dress appropriately (shorts, t-shirt, and running shoes) with extra layers and sunscreen! Bring a COLD lunch and water bottle.

6-8th Grade Softball Tournament

Softball tournament is Tuesday, the 17th. More info still to come.

We will need 4-5 drivers to take kids to and from – please let Brittany Clark or Mr. Gephart know if you are available to chauffer.

Dress appropriately (t-shirt and running shoes) with extra layers and sunscreen! Bring a COLD lunch and water bottle.

Last Day of School

Our last day is Thursday, May 26th. The School Board is providing lunch this day and children will be dismissed at 1:00.

Closing Service / Awards & Graduation will be Wednesday, May 25th at 6:30 at Immanuel Lutheran Church.


We are looking for donations of metal forks and spoons for the children to use at lunch time.

Registration Folders

Blue registration folders will be coming home with students in the next few weeks. Please look over your information carefully and make any changes. Sign/initial and return to school by May 16th.

Summer Stangs’ – Summer Care

Registration for summer care is live on the school website, it is filling up fast!

Please sign up by May 15th if you will be needing care this summer. June 6th through August 19th, 7:00 am till 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.


¨ May 4th

10:00 Start & Parent Drive Morning

¨ May 13th

4-8th Track Meet

@ Sleepy Eye High School

¨ May 17th

6-8th Softball Tournament @ Caswell Park, Mankato

¨ May 25th

Closing Service & Awards/Graduation

¨ May 26th


Early Dismissal at 1:00

Mrs. Eckstrand’s Room

This week our Jesus story is “Jesus Returns to Heaven”. We are talking about the two jobs: telling & baptizing. And one comfort: with us always, that Jesus gave us when he is ascending into heaven. “I am with you always” is our Memory Treasure.

For Science this week we discovered how and why birds migrate.

In Social Studies we took a plane to Alaska to climb Mount Denali.

Art last week was fingerpainting a spring tree. This week we made a Mother’s Day gift.

In Movement we have been learning Kickball. This week we are running bases and trying to get home before the pitcher gets the ball.

Preschool: Our number review is 5 and 15. Our letter review is Bb, Dd, Gg, Oo, and Vv. We are using stickers to decorate our letters. We are also working with patterns.

Kindergarten: Our Reading has the superkid going on a scavenger hunt looking FOR lots of items. In Math we finished up calendars and have begun learning time to the hour.

Keep sending in spring planting showcase pictures 😊

Mrs. Utsch’s Room

In 1st grade math we showed ways to make 25¢ and 100¢, identified and compared money amounts, and identified ways to make equal amounts of money using coins or one dollar. In reading we read words with the oy and oi pattern, identified synonyms and used adverbs with -ly in sentences, and read the story “The Lost Mitt.” The next spelling test is Thursday, May 5.

In 2nd math we showed and described equal shares of shapes and identified and drew different ways to show equal shares. In second grade reading we read pattern words that have the long o spelling pattern spelled ow, oa, oe, -old, and -ost, identified and corrected mistakes in a written passage and used editing marks to correct it, used adjectives to describe nouns, and identified meanings and correct spellings of homonyms.

In 3rd grade math we used estimation to find a product and multiplied 2 and 3-digit numbers using an algorithm. In reading we are reading “Shiloh” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

In religion we learned that Solomon used his wisdom to rule as God wanted. True wisdom comes to us through God’s Word, the Bible. King Solomon and King Jeroboam led their people away from the true God. When our leaders rule in sinful ways, we must be careful that we’re not led into sinful actions.

Mr. Gephart’s Room

Hi Parents, Family, and Friends,

Here is a look into the classroom this week.

In reading, the 4th-5th graders are reading “A Wrinkle in Time”. Will Meg be able to save her father and the universe? The 6th-8th graders are reading “The War That Saved My Life”. A story about a young girl during WWII.

In Grammar, the students are learning about capitalization, commas, hyphens, and underlining.

In Math, the 4th graders are working with money and decimals. The 5th graders are learning about lines, points, and chords. The 6th graders are learning about positive and negative numbers. The 7th graders are learning about probability. The 8th graders are reviewing graphing and mean, median, and mode.

In Geography, we are learning more about southeast Asia and the Islands in Asia Pacific.

In History, the upper graders are learning about the Civil Rights Movement. The lower graders are learning about MN history. They are learning more about Modern Minnesota.

In Writing, we are writing a demonstration paragraph focusing on sequence and order.

We also have a student teacher for the next 6 weeks in the classroom. Her name is Lynnea Starzl.

Next Week’s Schedule - Spelling Lesson 32, Memory Work - Romans 10:15

Monday - 5th Math Test (Ch.18)

Tuesday -

Wednesday - 8th Math Test (Ch.12)

Thursday - Pre-Spelling Test, Final Test

Friday - Track Meet - Leave school at 8am

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