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Newsletter 5/10/2023


¨ May 12th

4-8th Track meet in Redwood Falls

¨ May 18th

6-8th Softball Tournament in

North Mankato

¨ May 19th

PreK-3rd Field Trip,

Como Zoo

¨ May 22nd

Nurse Visit

¨ May 25th

6:00 Awards/Graduation & Closing Service at Immanuel church.


Is Friday, May 12th in Redwood Falls.

We are still looking for drivers if any parents would be willing to go.


PreK – 3rd will go to the Como Zoo on Friday, May 19th.

We already have chaperones but if you are willing to drive separately or carpool with others you are welcome to come, please inform a teacher or the secretary.


Is Thursday, May 18th in North Mankato.


Is 6:00 on Thursday, May 25th at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Cake and juice will be served.


Is Friday, May 26th! This is a half day with dismissal at 12:00 and we will provide pizza for lunch!


Is Friday, May 26th at the Cedar Mills Gun Club from 5:00 – 7:00. Come join us in celebrating a great school year!

Please bring a snack to share, juice and water will be provided.


Have fun learning and playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, and flag football! Tuesday, May 30 - Friday, June 2, 5:30 - 7:00 pm. AGES: Entering K - 5th Grade COST: $35 per player

Register online – link emailed


Is June 22nd – 24th, sign-up has been emailed. This is a great fundraiser for our school and gets us out into the community. Thank you for your help!


We are asking that all school families please contribute in some way to help provide what our workers need while they are building our new school.

Donate snacks/beverages, sign-up to supply noon lunch, or donate cash to purchase supplies.

Mrs. Eckstrand’s Room

This week our Jesus story is "Timothy learns about Jesus". The story is really more about his mom and grandma. They knew that the most important thing they could give Timothy was God's Word. They taught him from little all the way till grown. When he grew up, he became a Missionary Pastor. You too have made the most important decision to teach your children about Jesus. Any child can grow up to be pastors and teachers just like Timothy. "Continue in what you have learned", 2 Timothy 3:14 is our Memory Treasure this week.

In Science we had FFA Representative Paisley VonBerge come and teach us all about pollinators and planting.

In Social Studies, we watched and talked about the Coronation of King Charles III.

In Movement we will finish catching those high-flying balls.

Art is a surprise for mom!

Preschool: Our number review is 7 and 17. We will finish our lower-case letter book this week. We also got to work on sequencing using "Brown Bear".

Kindergarten: We are back in our normal Math books as we continue our addition journey. In Reading we went on a hunt with Cass as our Supernoodle. We will continue playing other games with the other Supernoodles in the club.

Mrs. Utsch’s Room

In 1st grade Math we ordered objects by length and measured objects using nonstandard units. In Reading we associated c with /s/ and g with /j/, read and spelled words with the soft c and soft g sound, used adverbs and -ly adverbs to complete sentences.

In 2nd grade Math we added and subtracted lengths in centimeters and measured and compared lengths in centimeters. In Reading class, we read and spelled words with the long o spelling pattern with oa and silent e spelling patterns and added the suffix -ness to words to complete sentences.

In 3rd grade Math we estimated and measured volume, estimated and measured mass, and solved problems about liquid, volume, and mass. In Reading we are reading the novel “The Mouse and The Motorcycle” by Beverly Cleary.

In Religion we heard how Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene. Mary’s sadness turned to joy when she learned that Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus alone changes the sadness of death into the joy of resurrection. The Emmaus disciples learned that Jesus fulfilled God’s promises by suffering, dying, and rising from the dead. Jesus did everything that God’s Word said the Savior would do. We trust God’s Word and are sure that Jesus is the Savior of the world.

Mr. Gephart’s Room

Hi Parents, Family, and Friends,

Here is a look into the classroom this week.

In Reading, the 4th-5th graders are learning about folk tales and fairy tales. The 6th-8th graders are learning about poetry.

In Grammar this week we are learning about punctuation and capitalization.

In Math, the 4th graders are learning about polygons. The 5th graders are learning about triangles and polygons. The 6th graders are learning about probability. The 7th graders are learning how to solve two-step equations. The 8th graders are working with graphs and mean, median, and mode.

In Geography we are studying Russia.

In History, the upper graders are studying ancient civilizations. We are currently learning about the Renaissance. The lower graders are learning about the start of the United States. We are learning about exploring the West.

In Writing, we are working on our personal narrative.

Next Week’s schedule - Spelling Lesson 35, Memory Work - Romans 10:14-15

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday - Spelling Pre-Test

Thursday - 6-8 softball tournament

Friday - Spelling Final Test

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