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Newsletter 2-9-2022

Parent Drive DAY

Thursday, February 10th, is a parent drive DAY. There is no bussing that day.

If before or after school care is needed (Latchkey) please contact

Brittany Clark, 320-582-3133 or


Friday, February 11th, there is no school.

PTF Meeting

Our next PTF Meeting is Monday, February 14th. Everyone is welcome!

Basketball Tournament

Is Saturday, February 19th!

Volunteers are needed for concessions, sweeping, admissions, clock… You don’t have to be a basketball parent to help, everyone is welcome! This is a great fundraiser for our school!

Christian Education Week

Notes are going home this week in regard to Christian Education Week coming up February 21st – 24th.

Please note dress up days and the activities we have planned, it will be a very fun week!

1st – 8th grade - Please remember to sign and return your Powder Ridge forms along with your admission money.

Pre-K & K - We are still looking for 1 or 2 more parents/drivers to help get the kids over to Wheel & Cog. They do not have to stay and chaperone but just bring the kids to and from the mall. Please let Mrs. Eckstrand or Brittany Clark know if you can help.

We will also need everyone’s booster seats this day.

If your child is still in a 5-point harness, please let us know. We do have a few of these already on hand that can be used.


¨ Feb. 10th

Parent Drive DAY

¨ Feb. 11th


¨ Feb. 14th

PTF Meeting 6:30

¨ Feb. 15th

Basketball Game HOME vs Trinity (Nicollet) 4:30

¨ Feb. 17th

Basketball Practice

3:15 – 5:30

¨ Feb. 19th

Mustang Classic Basketball Tournament – Hutchinson Rec Center

Mrs. Eckstrand’s Room

This week our Jesus Story is “Peter Learns to Trust”. The disciples watched Jesus walk on water. Peter did too until he became afraid. He then remembered to trust Jesus to save him, and Jesus did. Jesus saves us in every trouble too. We just need to trust. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart” is our memory treasure this week.

In Science we talked about the right order of doing things. If we don’t follow the proper order, many things in science and our world just don’t work.

We had lots of extra activities for our 100th day of school in place of Social Studies.

For Movement we found our letter spots and acted like a bunch of farm animals.

Preschool: Our letter this week is Hh as in Harper, heaven, and heart. Our number is 15!

Kindergarten: We met Fritz and his favorite activity is fishing! We will be listening for Ff sounds while reading. In Math we have been talking about number 11-20 and making tens and ones. We are also learning the words for them in writing.

Mrs. Utsch’s Room

In 1st grade Math we compared 2-digit numbers and added and subtracted multiples of ten. No Reading this week, we are taking MAP tests.

In 2nd grade Math we added 3-digit numbers with regrouping, and we started modeling 3-digit subtraction. In Reading we read words with the short u sound, wrote contractions to complete sentences, discussed the meaning of position words, and read words with the prefix un.

In 3rd grade Math we named fractions of a whole, named fractions on a number line, wrote fractions that name whole numbers, and named fractions greater than 1. In Reading we are reading “The One and Only Ivan” by Katherine Applegate.

In Religion we learned about The Israelites Entering Canaan. God will bless all believers by taking us home to heaven. We also learned about Rahab and the Spies. God uses his Word to help us. In his Word he promises to help us fight the devil and bring us safely to our heavenly home.

Thank you 1-3 for working hard on your MAP tests this week!

Please remember to bring in your Valentines on Monday!

Mr. Gephart’s Room

Hi Parents, Family, and Friends,

Here is a look into the classroom this week.

In Reading the 4th-5th graders are reading “Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing”. Can Peter ever get along with his little brother? The 6th-8th graders are reading “Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie”. We’ll see the ups and downs of a middle school boy whose little brother is going through cancer.

In Grammar the students are learning about adverbs and pronouns.

In Math the 4th graders are learning how to long divide. The 5th graders about fractions. The 6th graders are learning the basics of geometry. 7th grade is learning about different kinds of graphs and how to interpret lots of data and will start geometry on Wednesday. And the 8th graders are learning how to multiply and factor polynomials and will start to graph quadratic equations.

In Geography we are learning more about Africa.

In History the upper graders are learning about WWII. The lower graders are learning about MN history. They are learning about WWI.

In Writing we are working on our research paper.

Starting Tuesday, January 18th, Mr. Gephart will have a 6-week student teacher from MLC, Ms. Hannah Wendland. He will also get a clinical student, Mr. Washburn every Thursday.

Next Week’s Schedule – Spelling Lesson 21, Memory Work – Joshua 1:9

Monday –

Tuesday – 4th Math Test (Ch.12)

Wednesday –

Thursday – Pre-Spelling Test

Friday – Final Spelling Test

Student Teachers

Preschool Room:

My name is Hannah Bartmann, and I am a junior at Martin Luther College. I am very excited to get to know the staff and students as I do my second clinical experience here at Immanuel Lutheran. I am from Appleton, Wisconsin and I attend Riverview Lutheran Church there. Some of my hobbies include reading, photography, and I dabble with instruments as well!

I am thrilled to be working with Mrs. Eckstrand, Ms. Nikki, and their students this semester!

Student Teachers

4-8th Grade Room:

My name is Benjamin Washburn. I am blessed to say I was adopted from Kazan, Russia when I was 14 months old. My mom and dad now came and took me and my sister back home where I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although my mom, dad, and sister are not biological, it’s all I’ve known as family my whole life and we all are very close.

My major is secondary social studies with an urban education minor. I taught for the Center of Urban Teachers this past summer in Milwaukee and loved it.

When I have free time, I like to spend it fishing, watching sports, and spending time with family and friends.

P.S. I love the Minnesota Vikings even though I’m from the heart of Wisconsin.

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