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Newsletter 2/7/2024


¨  February 8th  

Basketball Game: AT Northwoods in Hutch

3:45 & 4:45

¨  February 12th 

Basketball Practice: 3:30 – 5:15

PTF Meeting - 6:30

¨  February 13th  

Basketball Game: AT Immanuel in Gaylord

4:00 & 5:00

¨  February 14th 

Valentines Day

¨  February 15th 

Basketball Practice: 3:30 – 5:15


Our next PTF meeting if Monday, February 12th at 6:30.  We will be finalizing events for Christian Education week.  All are welcome to attend!



Monday, February 19th there is no school for Presidents’ Day.



Friday, February 23rd school will be dismissed at 12:00 for the start of the MLC basketball tournament.


Lunch will NOT be provided this day.


No afternoon bussing or Latchkey available.



Wednesday, February 14th: Teachers should be in contact with their students’ parents in regard to their classrooms plan for Valentines Day.



Spread the word: Saturday, March 2nd we will be holding an Open House / Registration night for the 2024/2025 school year.  If you know of any new families interested in attending our school, please tell them to come between 9:00-12:00 to register.


Keep filling and bringing those water bottles!  Drinking fountains are not usable at the moment as the water is not drinkable.  Please have your child/ren bring a filled water bottle to school each day, we do have filling stations available to refill throughout the day.  Once the well can run more water through, we will be testing the water again.



I am still in need of volunteers to help, especially in the afternoons, most importantly clock and books.  If you are planning on sticking around all day, please sign-up for another shift or two, thank you for all your participation to make this day a success!  

Also, I have updated the shifts to be the same as game times.



Do you have any pictures from the 2023/2024 season?

We are looking for pictures to put in the yearbook, if you have any please email them to

PRESCHOOL: Miss Lokensgard

This week is all about brushing teeth and washing hands. All week we practiced writing our name on our teeth, matching letters on teeth then brushing them clean with a toothbrush and counting the monster's teeth. 

On Wednesday we had a 3-step art project. Traced our hand on paper then put watered down paint on the traced hand with eye drops and then blew the paint with a straw to represent how germs spread on hands. On Friday we will be ripping paper into little pieces to fill in a heart and we will be practicing writing crazy lines.

On Thursday my friend Alishia (dental hygienist) is coming to our room to talk to us on how to brush your teeth and how to keep your teeth healthy. 

Our focus this week was the letter Nn and hearts. We built the number with popsicle sticks and pom poms. We also practiced writing the letter with the fancy markers. 

Our bible story is Jesus feeds 5000 people.  We glued on 5 pieces of bread and 2 fish for our bible activity this week. Memory treasure is Trust in the Lord with all your heart proverbs 3:5.

K-1st: Mrs. Eckstrand

This week we've got 2 Bible lessons.  First, we heard about Jesus' miracle of a great catch of fish.  We met Peter, James, and John.  We learned that we too can be fishermen, but we're catching people using God's word, so that they can believe.   We also heard how Jesus calmed a great storm using his power through his word.  In times of trouble, we should call upon Jesus. Roman's 10:17 “Faith comes from hearing the message and the message comes from the Word of Christ”.  

During Reading, 1st grade is still working on VC double the letter, CC just add ending.  We'll be doing descriptive writing too.  There will NOT be a spelling list for the next week.  Kindergarten is working on Ff with Fritz and will take a Unit test.   We are also learning about speech bubbles and question marks.  

In Math, 1st grade is comparing numbers. We're finding how many fewer and more.  Kindergarten finished time and are moving on to Number Bonds (adding.)  

In Science, we are learning the parts of the plant, and what they do.  In Social Studies, we played a search game to finish our community unit.  For Phy Ed, we're going to work on our hands eye coordination with basketball dribble and pass.  


2-4th: Mrs. Ungemach

This week in Word of God the 2-4 class is learning about God's gracious guidance in helping the Israelites take over the Promised Land of Canaan.

In Math, 2nd and 3rd graders are learning addition strategies. 4th grade is learning about factors and multiples.

In Social Studies we are finishing up our unit of the Age of Exploration and will have a quiz.

In Language Arts, 3-4 continue reading "Dear Mr. Henshaw" and are practicing summarizing, letter writing, and identifying literary elements for their homework throughout the book. 2nd graders are writing poems about a family member this week.

In Music, 2-3 continue practicing recorders, and 4th grade is continuing drumming, practicing/putting together different rhythms. They both are working towards songs to perform on the spring play day. In P.E., we are practicing offense/defense skills in capture the flag.


5-8th: Mr. Holz

Hello Parents, Family and Friends

In Math, 5th Graders are studying using decimals in multiplication and division. 6th Graders are working on charts and graphs, as well as organizing data. 7th Graders are starting a unit on grids and plotting points. 8th Graders are continuing a unit on a slope.

In History, we will be studying American history between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

In Music we will continue studying types of notes and key signatures.

In Grammar we are finishing the nouns unit and moving into adjectives.

In Writing we will be moving into how to write a research paper. 

In Reading we have started our new novels. 5th-6th are reading “My Side of the Mountain”. 7th-8th are reading “Stargirl”. 

In Spelling the students are working through the 16th section of the workbooks.

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