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Newsletter 12/6/2023


¨ December 7th

Basketball practice:

3:30 – 5:15

¨ December 9th

CBT moving furniture: 8:00

¨ December 11th

Basketball practice:

3:30 -5:15

¨ December 12th

Basketball practice: 3:30 - 5:15

¨ December 14th

HOME game vs. Northwoods Elementary 3:45 & 4:45


Thank you for bringing your children to sing at Grace. The children sounded beautiful and received many compliments!


Practice has begun this week; players, please remember to bring in your $20 athletics fee. This helps cover the cost of refs and tournament expenses.

Our first game is December 14th at the fairgrounds: 3:45 & 4:45. All are welcome to attend.


Citizens Bank is remodeling and has graciously donated their office furniture to us. Saturday, December 9th at 8:00 we need able bodied helpers to move desks and office furniture onto a trailer to be used for the new school building. If you have already notified the school that you will be helping, please be to the below address by 8:00 on Saturday morning. Park in the parking lot on the west side of the building.

102 Main St. South

Hutchinson, MN 55350


Our next meeting is Monday, December 11th at 6:30. We will be voting on chair positions and discussing our next fundraising endeavors. Snacks will be provided!


Thursday, December 21st we will be dismissed at 12:00 for Christmas Break.

**Lunch will not be provided this day.

**Parent Pick-up afternoon, no PM bussing or PM latchkey this day.


No school December 22nd through January 2nd with classes resuming January 3rd.

***Please remember we may or may not be moving into the new school building over break depending on if construction is finished. We ask that all the families be flexible if we need to take off any extra days to allow for getting everything set up. We will also be asking for help cleaning the school before moving as well as moving help, the more the merrier and the faster we can get into our new rooms! ***

PRESCHOOL: Miss Lokensgard

Christmas has arrived in our room. Our room is decorated with Christmas lights, candy canes, and a Christmas tree.

We have 2 new centers set up in our room, a playdough center so we can make gingerbread cookies and an undecorated Christmas tree so we can hang up ornaments and decorate it to our liking.

At our activity center we are practicing only using a little glue to glue on gems to make an Ss and we are working our hand muscles in making Christmas shapes out of blocks.

At the writing center this week we are focusing on the letter Ss, making an Ss out of playdough then tracing around the playdough. We made a Christmas wreath out of tissue paper and pom poms.

For our STEM activity there will be a bin of beans in it with magnets and other objects. We will take our magnet sticks to see what magnet is and not.

On Friday we will be working on our fine motor skills by using stickers to make a star.

This week we will be starting our Baby Jesus book that we will be working on all month. The first one is "Mary's good news". Our bible verse is Today, a savior has been born. Luke 2:11

K-1st: Mrs. Eckstrand

This week our Bible lesson jumps ahead in the Bible to Samuel and Eli. We learned that Samuel loved God, listened to Him, and listened to Eli, the priest. Samuel lived and worked in the tabernacle. Eli's 2 sons were wicked and did not listen to Eli, or God. One night Samuel heard calling. God gave Samuel a message. God's message came true, and Samuel became the Priest when Eli's sons and then Eli died. Ephesians 6:1 "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." is our memory treasure we lock in our hearts this week.

Kindergarten: In Math, this week we are learning what capacity is and how to compare it. no more pouring into a too small cup anymore, maybe 😉 We will also take the chapter 5 test. In Reading, we are working with Sal and his love of sports. We will be blending all our sounds together and read our first superkids story. We are also reading sight words and east reader books to the teachers at rest time. In Writing, we are putting together our Christmas book that works with sight words.

First grade: In math, we are working with related facts called fact families. Then we will use addition to check our subtraction answers. In Reading, we continue to work with our -ng sound. We are remembering how to rhyme, and we are learning what makes a poem by giving Golly a Scrub. We cut out some memory words to work with and will begin exploring -le words for spelling.

For social studies we located our state and our country using its distinctly shaped borders. In Science, we will classify non-living and living things. During Art we will begin our surprise gift for our moms and dads. Music has us hearing the beat and moving to the tempo. You should hear our impromptu health lessons at lunch. Did you know that some food does more than taste good? 🙂 Curiosity at its finest.

2-4th: Mrs. Ungemach

This week in Word of God, we are taking a break from the Old Testament and jumping ahead to the Christmas story. The first half of the week we are studying the birth announcement of John the Baptist and that his important role was to prepare the way for Jesus. The second half we will hear about the birth announcement of Jesus.

In Math, 2nd graders are enjoying learning coins and what variety of coins they can use to pay for a certain amount. 3rd and 4th grades are continuing to learn division strategies. They can be very proud of the work they've been doing on their timed tests! Keep working hard!

In Language Arts, 2nd grade is learning the sounds that oo and ew can make. They are also practicing comprehension strategies with their reading groups. 3/4 are reviewing the grammar rules they've been learning so far. We will learn about them later this week with a picture book.

In Science, we are learning about motion and force. They are doing different experiments to demonstrate and observe net force and friction.

In Music we are studying composers! This week we have Mozart and Bach.

5-8th: Mr. Holz

Hello Parents, Family and Friends

In Math, 5th Graders are starting Chapter 4 and will be learning about equations. 6th Graders are moving into Chapter 4 which deals with factors. 7th Graders are reviewing for their next test. 8th Graders are moving into multi step inequalities.

In Geography we are taking our final states on Thursday.

In Music we will continue studying types of notes and key signatures.

In Science we will be starting a unit on biomes and biodiversity.

In Grammar we are working on irregular verbs and predicate nominatives.

In Writing we will be moving into how to write a research paper.

In Reading we have selected two novels that we will work on. 5-6th Grade will be reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. So far they have read through Chapter 16 and are working on their reading packets. 7-8th will be reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding. This week they are reading through the 11th Chapter.

In Spelling the students are working through the 9th section of the workbooks.

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