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Newsletter 10/4/2023


¨ October 4th – 6:00

Fundraising training at Immanuel Church

8:00 School Board meeting

¨ October 5th – 4:00

Volleyball Game at Gaylord

¨ October 9th – 6:30

PTF Meeting

¨ October 10th

A-Team Volleyball Practice: 3:15 – 5:00

¨ October 12th

Field Trip to Fall Harvest Orchard

¨ October 14th

Volleyball Tournament at MVL


Flyers have been sent home. You can order using the order form on the flyer or online at

Order Due Date: 10/11/23

FIELD TRIP: PreK – 8th Grade

On Thursday, October 12th all grades will be visiting the Fall Harvest Orchard in Montrose. We will be taking a bus + drivers, leaving just after 11:00 and returning before 3:00.

**Please also pack a cold lunch for your child this day. **

Permission slips will be sent home this week. Please return those with the $10 admission fee by Monday, October 9th.


Practice on Tuesday, October 10th is for A-team as the tournament on Saturday the 14th at MVL is for the A-team, however if any B-team players would like to come they may.

We do NOT have practice on the 12th as there were no courts available.


TONIGHT, October 4th at 6:00pm we will have David Kaplan join us to teach/train us how to approach our families, friends and community members about donating to our school building. This training is open to everyone! If you have been hesitant to talk to your loved ones or community members about donating to our school...this training is for you. We will be meeting in the Immanual Lutheran Church basement. We hope to see you there!


Is Monday, October 9th at 6:30. All are welcome to attend!


No school Wednesday, October 18th through Friday, October 20th for MEA break.


Our annual Fall Festival party is Friday, October 27th. Games and activities will be planned for the afternoon. Children may bring costumes to change in to after lunch.

PRESCHOOL: Miss Lokensgard

We are exploring all our senses this week as we learn about apples. We cut them open to see what it looks like inside the apple and counted how many seeds were in the middle. Our STEM activity we did some apple tasting to see which apple is our favorite; Red, Green, or Yellow. For art we painted with apples as we did some apple stamping. We got to see what shape the apple is as we stamped it. For our name activity we read: apples up on top. Then we glued apples on top of our picture that spelt out our name.

Our writing center was busy this week; we have been learning the letter T and the shape triangle. We have been building the letter and shape with popsicle sticks, drawing them in sand and writing it on the whiteboard.

The activity center was just as busy; apple tree playdough mats, putting the right number of apples on the apple tree and building apple trees from blocks, sticks and pom poms.

Our bible focus this week was on Abraham counting the stars. We learned that God always keeps his promises.

K-1st: Mrs. Eckstrand

This week our Jesus story is "Jacob's Beautiful dream". We learned that Jacob sinned and needed to run away from his brother Esau. When Jacob had to run away to his uncle's land, he was scared and sad. God came to Jacob in a dream during his journey and promised to always be with Jacob. We too sin and can be sad about our sin and its consequences. God has promised to forgive our sin, and promises to always be with us also. Matthew 28:20a "And teaching them to obey, everything I have commanded you” is our memory treasure this week.

Math: Kindergarten is growing in their number expertise. They took the Ch 2 test. They are becoming automatic with all the numbers through 10. They were also introduced to graphs.

1st grade continues to subtract in many ways. Remind them, as I do, to pick the way that works best for them. They've got their math books out, and filling up the pages as they do some great work.

Reading: Kindergarten has met Gg Golly. He's the "pet" dog that lives at the gas station. His nose will bring us lots of adventures and some troubles. We'll also begin listening for ending sounds.

1st grade got their readers out and are beginning to read through the superkids stories to remember their adventures. We'll be getting brand new adventures soon.

Reminder spelling test will always be on Wednesdays.

In Social studies, we did a community helpers project to remind us of how many people help us in our regular day. This also reminds us of some rules that we need to follow as we visit all the places.

In Science we will be doing a senses project and continuing to learn the proper way to do science experiments with scientific inquiry.

We're excited to have Paisley VonBerge visit our class on Thursday with some FFA projects.

Big thank you to all the parents that brought their kids for singing. We've heard good compliments about how well they sounded. We are excited to be able to have the opportunity to share God's messages in this way.

2-4th: Mrs. Ungemach

This week in Word of God, we see how God blesses Joseph through the many troubles he endures in his life, and ultimately turns everything out for his good.

In math, 2nd graders are learning how to draw bar graphs and interpret them. In Language Arts, we are learning the many sounds and rules for the letter "y", along with writing a personal narrative!

3rd grade continues to work at multiplication strategies and memorizing multiplication facts.

4th grade recorded steps in their math notebooks to help them with multiplicative comparison word problems. They are learning how to break down the problem step-by-step.

3 and 4 continue to study comprehension strategies, using their chapter book, "How to Eat Fried Worms". They are reviewing all of the strategies so far and will practice predicting on Thursday.

In Science, we will begin learning about the Water Cycle. Physical Education has been all about the fundamentals of soccer, and in music class we will start working on the musical, "Go Fish!"

5-8th: Mr. Holz

Hello Parents, Family and Friends

In Math, 5th Graders are doing additional practice on two- and three-digit multiplication problems. 6th Graders are working with basic algebraic expressions and will be moving towards a test soon. 7th Graders are beginning work on subtracting and adding negative integers. 8th Graders are working on solving equations with multiple steps and variables.

In Geography we took a second pretest on the 50 states. Our next section of states is the Southwest.

In Music we will be reviewing the basics and starting work on some of the songs that we will sing throughout the year.

In Science we have just finished the tree identification unit. The students learned some of the challenges that come with identifying trees and ways that you can overcome these challenges.

In Grammar we are continuing to work on prepositions and are now moving into verb phrases.

In Writing we are working on writing an autobiography. The writing also contains a version of two truths and a lie. The students have to add a part to their story that did not happen. This is to challenge them to use their writing skills to hide this part so I am unable to guess which part is not true.

In Reading we have selected two novels that we will work on. 5-6th Grade will be reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. So far, they have read through Chapter 5 and are working on their reading packets. 7-8th will be reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding. This week they are reading through the 4th Chapter.

In Spelling the students are working through the second section of the workbooks.

Next week the students will be working through their MAP testing throughout the week.

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