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Newsletter 1/31/2024


¨  February 1st 

Basketball Game: AT Trinity in Nicollet

4:30 & 5:30

¨  February 2nd  


– No bussing

¨  February 4th 

Sing at Zion, Hutchinson.

Be there at 8:30

¨  February 5th 

Basketball Practice: 3:30 – 5:15

¨  February 6th 

Basketball Game: HOME vs St.Pauls -Arlington

4:00 & 5:00


Our next Parent Drive Day is Friday, February 2nd. There will be no bussing this day so please plan accordingly.

Lunch will still be provided. 

If Latchkey is needed (before/after school care) please let us know as soon as possible to schedule caregivers.



Keep filling and bringing those water bottles!  Drinking fountains are not usable at the moment as the water is not drinkable.  Please have your child/ren bring a filled water bottle to school each day, we do have filling stations available to refill throughout the day.  Once the well can run more water through, we will be testing the water again.



On Sunday, February 4th students will be singing at Zion Lutheran Church just south of Hutchinson.

Please have your child/ren to the church basement by 8:30. Church starts at 8:45, you may leave following the song if needed. 


On Wednesday, February 7th is our next 10:00 start and parent drive morning.  

Afternoon buses will run as normal. 

SNACK: we do NOT provide or eat snack at school this day.

Lunch will be provided as usual. 

If Latchkey is needed (before school care) please let me know as soon as possible to schedule caregivers.



Monday, February 19th there is no school for Presidents’ Day.



Friday, February 23rd school will be dismissed at 1:00 for the start of the MLC basketball tournament.

Lunch will still be provided.

No afternoon bussing or Latchkey available.



Do you have any pictures from the 2023/2024 season?

We are looking for pictures to put in the yearbook, if you have any please email them to

PRESCHOOL: Miss Lokensgard

As we finish our last week in our Snow month our dramatic play area is now an Ice-skating rink. We are having fun using our imaginations by handing out concession food and putting on our scarves and skates to go ice skating. Our science center still has rocks for sorting and cleaning. 

We are focusing on the letter Ii, color white, and the number 9. In the writing center on Monday, we glued on white marshmallows to make an Ii. The activity center we are making letters with blocks and fun winter bingo games. Also, at the activity center they will pattern up and play a roll the dice game on magnet tiles to see who makes it to the finish line first. For our STEM activity we will be painting on ice to see what happens to the ice when we add the paint. On Thursday we will be working as a team to make a winter poster. Gluing down winter animals, snowflakes, igloos, and all the things we see in winter. On Friday we get to write numbers 1-10 with paint and our fingers. We also will be practicing writing our name with glitter glue.

Our bible lessons this week is Jesus calms the storm.

K-1st: Mrs. Eckstrand

This week our Bible lesson is "Jesus changes water into wine".  We learned that Jesus can use his almighty powers to do miracles.  He changed water into wine at a wedding at just the right time.  He knows our daily needs and will provide them at just the right time for us.  The Fourth Petition: “Give us this day our daily bread” is our memory treasure this week.  

Both classes will be doing the computer MAP tests on Thursday and Friday.  The kids are excited for them.  

In Math, 1st grade is finishing Ch 6 and testing. Kindergarten finished Ch 7 and are moving on to time and how we use the clock for o'clock.  

In Reading, the 1st grade is working on descriptive writing.  They are also working on -ing/-ed endings.  Spelling will be 5.2 -ing/-ed with memory words.  Kindergarten took a regular test with Tic, Tac, and Toc.  They will meet Fritz next week.  

In Social Studies, we took a look at weather and seasons and how they affect people.  In Science, we continue to investigate plants and their needs.  For Art, we will be building sculptures.  We have begun our songs, in music, for our Spring play.  In Phy Ed, we are controlling our bodies by doing tasks with partners and bean bags.    


2-4th: Mrs. Ungemach

This week in Word of God the 2-4 class is learning about how Rahab helped the Israelites, and how God destroyed Jericho for the Israelites by having them march around the city!

In math, 2nd graders are learning addition strategies. 3rd grade is learning about rounding and estimating. 4th grade is practicing how to find area and perimeter.

In Social Studies we are studying the Age of Exploration by reading a picture book, "Lives of the Explorers". They are responding to what they read by writing a summary, comparing/contrasting explorers, and writing a diary entry from the perspective of Christopher Columbus.

In Language Arts, 3-4 continue reading "Dear Mr. Henshaw" and are practicing summarizing, letter writing, and identifying literary elements for their homework throughout the book. 2nd grade continues to read in small groups and are learning this week about words that have double consonants when they follow a short vowel.

In Art, the kids will finish their MLK Freedom posters by coloring them with chalk pastels. In Music, 2-3 continue practicing recorders, and 4th grade is doing a drumming unit! They both are working towards songs to perform on the spring play day. In P.E., we are practicing dodging/throwing skills by playing ball tag.


5-8th: Mr. Holz

Hello Parents, Family and Friends

In Math, 5th Graders are studying using decimals in multiplication and division. 6th Graders are taking their Chapter 5 test. 7th Graders are starting a unit on grids and plotting points. 8th Graders are starting a unit on slope.

We will be starting a new history unit in the coming weeks. This week we discussed the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster and why that was an influential event in U.S. History. 

In Music we will continue studying types of notes and key signatures.

In Grammar we are working on the plurals of nouns and the rules that apply to different noun endings.

In Writing we will be moving into how to write a research paper. 

In Reading we will soon be starting new novels. 5th-6th will be reading “My Side of the Mountain”. 7th-8th will be reading “Stargirl”. 

In Spelling the students are working through the 15th section of the workbooks.

We have completed MAP testing and scores will be sent home.

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