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Newsletter 1/11/2023


¨ January 12th

Basketball Practice,

B: 3:30 – 5:00 &

A: 3:30 – 5:30

Cheerleading Practice, 3:30 – 4:00

¨ January 15th

Singing at St. Paul’s in Litchfield:

be there at 9:15

¨ January 16th


¨ January 17th

Basketball Game AT St. Paul’s in Arlington, 4:00


Monday, January 16th we do not have school – Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


Sunday, January 15th we sing at St. Paul Lutheran church in Litchfield. Church starts 9:30 so please have children there by 9:15 in the basement.


We have handed out 5 calendars/family. Each family is asked to sell the 5 given to them or as many as possible (extra will be in my office), we are selling them for only $10/calendar!

Money or checks should be brought into the school and either given to a teacher or to the secretary. Any unsold can be brought back into the office as well or if you'd like extra sent home, please let us know. Thank you!


Scrip is a great way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards and the school receives money back to put towards field trips and activities.

This is a yearlong fundraiser and cards can be bought at any time.

Order forms are located in the entryway of school and in the narthex of Immanuel Lutheran Church. Or you can order directly from:

Karen Kohls (Immanuel) or 320-444-0170

Teresa Ross (Grace) or 320-305-9262

Mrs. Eckstrand’s Room

Last week, our Jesus story talked about the wise men following the star and bringing gifts to Jesus. This week, we heard about Jesus going to church. He was teaching the teachers about God's word. We too want to rejoice when we can go to church. "Lord, I love your House" is our memory treasure this week.

In Science this week we talked about cooling down and heating up and what that process does to things like water, chocolate, eggs, etc. Does it cause a reversible change or non-reversible change.

In Movement we are moving outside just like all the arctic animals do.

Preschool: Our number this week is 16. "Long line down, back to the top, one big curl to pick up sticks. 16 lickity licks!" Our letter this week is Bb for balloons, boat, Bible, bed and bananas.

Kindergarten: In Math we took a Ch 5 test. We will begin Ch 6 which is comparing numbers equal/more/less from 1-10. In Reading we finished test 4. We will meet a new superkid, Icky. Icky likes to get information from TV and use his imagination to make his own shows. End of quarter is this week so K will be completing their Q2 reports.

Mrs. Utsch’s Room

In 1st grade Math we used different strategies to solve word problems and wrote equations to model word problems. In Reading we identified short and long vowel sounds and decoded CVCe words.

In 2nd Math we decomposed-broke numbers apart to add and subtract. In Reading class, we associated kn with /n/ and wr with /r/, completed sentences using homophones, used prefixes in sentences, and completed sentences in a paragraph.

In 3rd grade Math we identified number patterns on an addition table, used mental math to add and subtract 2 and 3-digit numbers, and used the Commutative Property and Associative Property to find the sum of addends. In Reading we are reading the novel “Ramona Quimby, Age 8” by Beverly Cleary.

In Religion we heard how Jesus led Peter, James, and John see his glory to remind them that he is the Son of God. God’s Word teaches that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus reminded his disciples that he was the Son of God, who would suffer, die, and rise so that they could go to heaven. Jesus comforts us with the news that he suffered, died, and rose so that we can go to heaven.

Mr. Gephart’s Room

Hi Parents, Family, and Friends,

Happy New Year! Here is a look into the classroom this week.

In reading, the 4th-5th graders are reading “Holes”. What do holes have anything to do with breaking the law? The 6th-8th graders are reading “Number the Stars”. It is a book about a Jewish girl in Denmark during WWII.

In Grammar this week we are learning about adjectives.

In Math, the 4th graders are learning about multiplication. The 5th graders are working with graphs. The 6th graders are working with rates, ratios, and proportions. The 7th graders are learning about percent, decimals, and fractions. The 8th graders are working with exponents.

In Science, the 4th-5th graders are learning about weather and seasons. The 6-8th grades are learning about the genetics and DNA.

In History, the upper graders are studying ancient civilizations. We are currently on ancient Rome. The lower graders are learning about the start of the United States. We are studying the early British colonies.

In Writing, we are practicing comparing and contrasting.

Next Week’s schedule - Spelling Lesson 19, Memory Work - Psalm 139:23

Monday - No School - MLK Day

Tuesday –

Wednesday - 4-5 History Test

Thursday - Spelling Pre-Test, 8th Math Test (Ch.7)

Friday - Spelling Final Test, 8th Math Test (Ch.7), 7th Math Test (Ch.6)

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