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Newsletter 3/13/2024


¨  March 17th 

Sing at St. Peters Lutheran Church – Darwin.

Be there at 10:15

¨  March 18th-22nd 

Christian Education Week

Parent/Teacher Conferences

¨  March 25th-April 1st 


Spring break and Easter

¨  April 3rd 

10:00 Start & Parent Drive MORNING


We will be singing at St. Peter’s Lutheran church in Darwin on Sunday, March 17th to kick of Christian Education week.  Please have your child/ren there by 10:15.



K-8TH conferences will be March 18-20 and Preschool April 15-19th. Sign-up has been be emailed.



Spring break & Easter break is Monday, March 25th through MONDAY, April 1st with classes resuming on Tuesday, April 2nd.



The Southwest MN Area Lutheran Chorale has chosen its mission project for this year. It is the Imanuel Grace School Building Project!

7:00 on Sunday, March 17th at Grace Lutheran Church, donations will go towards our new school.  All are welcome to attend!


Now that the weather is getting nicer out, please remember to dress appropriately, it is still cool in the morning but hot in the afternoon – layers are great!

Also please take a look at the dress code listed in our handbook, children should be dressed conservatively. 



The Spring Play is Sunday, April 21st, which will consist of the 5-8 play “Madhouse!” and songs by the other grades. 

This is also when we will do our silent auction fundraiser.  For the silent auction we ask that each family contribute an auction item. If you already have your items, you can bring them in to the school office at any time but no later than the week before so we have time to catalog and set-up.  A link has been emailed to list your donation items. 

PRESCHOOL: Miss Lokensgard

It's all about construction trucks this week. I switched over the sensory table to kinetic sand with trucks and construction signs. Our room is still looking like a construction site with all of the trucks, blocks and tools we have set out.  We also brought out the construction vest and helmets in our dramatic play area. 

At the activity center we have nuts and bolts that they have to screw together, roll the dice and put that many rocks in the dump truck, construction truck lacing cards and putting construction stickers on the letter Oo. 

Monday, we worked hard on our journal page and got to spend extra time outside in the warm weather. 

Tuesday, we used dobbers to write our last name and we painted cars on a big paper. 

Wednesday, we cut out the letter Oo and used watercolor on our bible activity. 

Thursday, we worked on our phonics page and made a construction site with popsicle sticks and rocks. 

Friday we will be building a rectangle out of blocks. 

Our bible story this week is Jesus visits Mary and Martha. 

K-1st: Mrs. Eckstrand

This week our Bible lesson focuses on Jesus at trial with Pontious Pilate.  We learned that Pilate wanted to set Jesus free, but instead allowed the people to mock and hurt Jesus.  Finally, Pilate gave the people permission to Crucify Jesus.  Jesus suffered all the pain and mocking FOR US.  He loves us so much!  2 Corinthians 5:21 “God made Him, who did not know sin, to become sin for us”  is our memory treasure.

In Reading, 1st grade is dropping the super -e and adding the -ed/-ing endings.  We are also writing letters.  Kindergarten is working on Bb for Bus with the superkids, as well as the sight word "of". 

For Math, 1st grade will test place value with 11-19 and will move on for all the numbers up to 100.  Kindergarten is adding symbols to number sentences to actually add!  

Science is all about camouflage, and food chains.  We are learning how animals help plants and how plants help animals.  We even saw a plant breath!  

During Art we will be painting a scene as well as making a few props for our History Review piece.  Our History Review has been in place of our Social Studies.  

In Geography we are finishing Oceans and Continents.  Phy Ed will get extra active as we "learn" some Irish dancing. 


2-4th: Mrs. Ungemach

This week in 2-4 we are learning about Samuel and Eli, how various people in these lessons broke different commandments, and how we can learn from them.

3rd grade is starting to learn the basics of fractions.

2nd grade is working on mastering adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers.

4th grade is finishing up the unit on fractions, decimals, and dollars.

In Social Studies we are starting a unit on the American Revolution. This week is about the events that led up to the war.

All 3 grades are working on writing a narrative. This also pairs as the end-of-novel project for “Dear Mr. Henshaw”. In the book, one of the themes is to do your best as a writer even though you may not be a famous author, so they are working on doing their best to write their own story. 

In Art we will be creating a Lent/Holy Week craft.


5-8th: Mr. Holz

Hello Parents, Family and Friends

In Math, 5th Graders are working on building different types of graphs. 6th Graders are finishing ratios and proportions. 7th Graders are working with percentages. 8th Graders are working on negative exponents.

In History, we will be studying American history between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. We are currently going through the Constitution and how it led to the government we have today. We have completed a project in which we created a poster of important terms about U.S. government.

In Music we will continue studying types of notes and key signatures. We are also practicing songs to sing at the nursing homes for Christian education week.

In Grammar we are working on clauses and adverbs. 

In Writing we will be moving into how to write a research paper. 

In Reading we are finishing both books this week. We will have final projects for each that will be completed before spring break. 

In Spelling the students are working through the 22th section of the workbooks.

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