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Newsletter 11/17/2022


¨ November 23rd – 25th

NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

¨ November 28th

Parent Drive DAY

No bussing

¨ November 29th

Basketball Practice,

B: 3:30 - 5:00 &

A: 3:30 – 5:30

¨ December 1st

Basketball Practice,

B: 3:30 – 5:00 &

A: 3:30 – 5:30

¨ December 4th

Singing at Zion in Hutchinson & St. Peters in Darwin


Next week there is no school Wednesday, November 23rd through Friday, November 25th.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Scholastic book orders have been sent home. This will be the only order we do before Christmas so if you have any books you'd like to order for gifts please do so. We should receive them and hand out before Christmas break. You can order books online or return to school the paper order form along with a check made out to Scholastic Book Club and are due back Monday, November 28th. Ordering is completely optional!


This program is great for Christmas gifts! If you are planning on gifting money this Christmas, please order gift cards through this program. The deadline in order to receive them before Christmas is Sunday, December 11th. Scrip is a great way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards and the school receives money back to put towards field trips and activities.


The Friends of the Hutchinson Public Library are sponsoring a program for distributing new books to children during the holidays. The program seeks to call attention to and support the importance of reading, and being read to, in the lives of children. Giving a child a book can be the introduction to an exciting world of adventure, discovery, and companionship. Reading and education are powerful weapons in breaking the cycle of poverty, but for many families, buying books is out of the question; they can’t afford it. Chimney-decorated drop-off box will be in the entryway of school with collection dates from November 1st to December 1st. The books will be distributed locally by United Community Action Partnership. Since these books will be Christmas gifts, they should be new books.

Money donations to purchase books are also welcome.

Mrs. Eckstrand’s Room

This week our Jesus Story was David and Goliath. We learned that David with God's help defeated the giant Goliath. Because of David's trust in God, he ended up becoming King, and eventually Jesus would be born from his family.

"I know the plans I have for you" Jeremiah 29:11 is our memory treasure this week.

In Movement this week we are dancing and acting like turkeys.

For Science this week we experimented with magnets and magnetic force. We tried to match south and north poles together as well as make our magnets float like magic on a pencil.

Preschool: Our letter this week is Zz for zebra, zoo, zero, zipper, and zig zag. Our number this week is 11, "long line down, long like down, number 11 all around".

Kindergarten: In Reading we will be finishing Doc this week. In Math, we are investigating each shape and comparing them to each other.

Mrs. Utsch’s Room

In 1st grade Math we solved addition and subtraction equations. In Reading we identified the base word with -ing and -ed endings, discussed time of action with the verb endings, and used adjectives in sentences.

In 2nd grade Math we identified and found the value of coins, ordered coins to find the total value, and used different coins to show the same money amount different ways. In Reading class we read words with aw, au, and al and used commas in a series, after the date, and between a city and a state.

In 3rd grade Math we related multiplication and division, wrote related facts, and multiplied and divided with 2, 4, and 8. In Reading we are reading the novel “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” by Florence and Richard Atwater.

In Religion we heard how Jesus healed a man who couldn’t walk, Jesus first forgave the man’s sins and then healed his body. Jesus knows the needs of our bodies and souls and used his almighty power to help us. Our other Bible lesson was how Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead. Jesus showed that he has power over death, and some day Jesus will raise us and all believers from the dead.

Mr. Gephart’s Room

Hi Parents, Family, and Friends,

Here is a look into the classroom this week.

In Reading, the 4th-5th graders are reading “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”. What could go wrong with the naughtiest kids in town? The 6th-8th graders are reading “The Hatchet”. Could you survive in the forest alone for weeks?

For the next 2 weeks we will pause grammar and focus on Forensics. We will practice our speeches, readings, plays and demonstrations.

In Math, the 4th graders are learning about charts and graphs. The 5th graders are working with decimal places. The 6th graders are learning about LCM and simplifying fractions. The 7th graders are working with proportions. The 8th graders are working with graphs.

In Science, the 4th-5th graders are learning about electricity and magnetism. The 6-8th grades are learning about the muscular system.

In History, the upper graders are studying ancient civilizations. We are currently on ancient China. The lower graders are learning about the start of the United States. We are studying the early Explorers.

In Writing, we are practicing our introductions.

For the next 6 weeks, we welcome Matthew Krueger into the classroom. We’re excited to have him and to help him get some practice teaching.

Next week is also a short week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Next Week’s schedule - Spelling Lesson 12, Memory Work - 1 Timothy 1:15

Monday -

Tuesday - 4th Math Test (Ch.7)

Wednesday - No School

Thursday - No School

Friday - No School

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