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Mrs. Eckstrand's Room

Welcome back! It􏰀s good to see all the children back and enjoying school. Last week our Jesus story was 􏰁Jesus Blesses the Children􏰂. We learned that Jesus wants us to come to him and learn about him. We also learned that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to us because Jesus died to take away our sins.

Both Kindergarten and Preschoolers have been working on their names. Preschool is learning the letters in their names and the kindergarteners are working on making their names look awesome!

Thank you for remembering your family photos. If you haven􏰀t sent me one through email or sent one with your child, please do so. Preschool: Our morning activity has been Geoboards. We􏰀re creating shapes, designs, and strong hands with rubber bands.

Kindergarten: We jumped head first into Math and Reading, because we are that smart! For math, we sorted by color, size, and shape. In reading, we met 􏰃Cass􏰀 and have been working on the hard sound /k/ for Cc.

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