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Mr. Gephart's Room

There is a different feel in the classroom this year, but everyone is glad to be back instead of at home on their Chromebooks. They won􏰀t take a friend interaction for granted anymore. In lower reading, we􏰀re reading 􏰁Because of Winn-Dixie􏰂. We􏰀ll see how a dog can impact someone􏰀s life. In upper reading, we􏰀re reading 􏰁The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle􏰂. A teenage girl is accused of murder.

In grammar, we took a pre-test to see what everyone remembered from last year. We will then move on to prepositions.

In science, everyone is exploring states of matter. We had an experiment where we got to make bubbles with dry ice. We got to see sublimation in action!

In history, the lower grades are learning about United States history and the upper graders are learning about the Middle Ages.

In 4th and 5th grade math, they􏰀re reviewing place values. The 6th and 7th graders are reviewing patterns and exponents and in 8th grade, we􏰀re reviewing order if operations and how to classify real numbers.

The 1st semester I will have a student teacher in my classroom. Mr. Aaron Fischer will be here for 10 weeks as he practices his teaching and get some valuable experience.

Next week􏰀s schedule: Mon. 5th gr. math test (Ch. 1) Tues. 6th gr. math test (Ch. 1) Wed. - Thurs. Practice spelling test (lesson 3)

Fri. Spelling test (lesson 3)

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